Presentation Mastery

VIP Format

Designed for senior and C-suite team members to increase audience impact in high stake presentations and communication situations.

Incorporates presentation and communication challenges that the team members are currently working on.

How is this training different from other communication sessions?

Combining of coaching and training, this format uses tailored exercises and guidelines to address the needs in the room. The intimate group format allows participants to enhance the learning by giving feedback to each other. The senior team members will be able to verify the effects of the training in real-time presentation and communication situations between the sessions.


For your Participants
  • Enhanced capacity to work the room
  • Deepened confidence and charisma
  • Awareness of individual communication style and areas of improvement
For your Organisation
  • Embodied leadership
  • Role-modelling communication behaviours from the top



For your Clients
  • Increased engagement during meetings and presentations
  • High end professionalism around messaging

Programme Content

  • Audience awareness and strategic framing of messages
  • Nonverbal communication, body language
  • If needed – vocal usage, awareness, effectiveness
  • Preparation steps – what and in which orders
  • Prepared presentations from relevant business context

3 sessions of 3.5 hours, in total 10.5 hours

Recommended class size
Up to 5 team members

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