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Are you looking for an engaging and interactive speaker for your event?

With her background as an expressive artist, giving concerts and performing, Kim masters stage presence, creating and maintaining contact with the audience.

For Kim a talk is successful when the eyes of the audience members are shining…

Kim has been invited to speak by a variety of organizations and institutions, including Carnegie Mellon University, the Grassroots Innovation Program at EMC in Silicon Valley, NASA Ames Research Center and Impact HUB, Dubai

  • The Right Kind of Loud – interactive book talks, with test readers, group coaching, the Right Kind of Loud game
  • The Contract Between the Speaker and the Audience
  • Making Presentations Unforgettable
  • The Unknown Messenger – Our Voice
  • Body Language & NonVerbal Communication
  • Reflections from a Career Journey
  • About Networking – What, Where and How?
  • A Tin Can Opener to Shakespeare’s Universe

I would love to help you find the Right Kind of Loud. Get in touch at +44 (0)757 032 3650 or

The Right Kind of Loud | TEDx

My Services

Voice Training
The tone of voice has a substantial impact on how our message is received on the other end. When we communicate on the phone without facial expressions Read more..

For many employers and employees, giving presentations is part of their daily work life. And yet, the ability to establish and maintain contact with an Read more..

The art of writing isn’t a phenomenon for the happy few, but a skill that can be learned.Writing is also a healing tool that can be used to express yourself Read more..
With a background as an expressive artist, giving concerts and performing, Kim masters stage presence, creating and maintaining contact with the audience Read more..

Team Building
Collaboration is a cornerstone for employee engagement and productivity, and the challenges on the pathway towards healthy relationships Read more..

Active Listening
More often than not, we’re missing important information, because we’re waiting to express our own opinion instead of  paying attention to where Read more..

Train the Trainer
The difference between a beginner and a master trainer is to be found in the delivery – how interactive is the session? Adult learners expect to be involved Read more..

With the high tempo demands of our task-oriented work-life, it’s not easy to keep an innovative approach with open perspectives. Yet innovation Read more..

Body Language Body Language
Have you ever intuitively felt that what a person is saying is not what they really mean? If so, you were probably right, as 93% of all interpersonal Read more..

Organization Dev.
When an organizational problem keeps repeating itself, we need to be able to step back and see the larger patterns at play. It often helps to use the Read more..

Pitch Training
The business pitch has its own set of challenges. The duration is ultra-short, usually three minutes or less, the purpose is to generate Read more..

Networking Networking
Creating business means building alliances both inside and outside of our organizations.Some of us cringe at the thought, how do we make that first connection? Read more..