Moments with Clients


Barcelona, 2009
These members of the European Commission at the Barcelona Representation of EU, wanted to improve their media presence with better vocal impact for TV and radio, so we had a workshop and individual coaching with the team members. Note the EU flag to the right!


Berkeley, 2011
Body Language and NonVerbal Communication for mediators at SEEDS Community Resolution Center. These participants are especially demanding, as they work with the deep layers of conflict resolution and mediation, requiring sensitivity in vocabulary and instructions…

Dubai, 2013
Masterclass in Authentic Presentations for selected clients of Strategic Solutions. Caught in the moment of introducing the theory of powerful introductions making way for the participants to roll out their presentations with amazing presence…


A Coruña, 2009
Innovation in Action, workshop for The Foundation for Business & University in Galicia, FEUGA. Based on the theory by Dan Pink, I’m introducing the six skills of the right brain hemisphere that are essential in our postmodern marketplace…


Barcelona, 2013
Getting your message across is an essential part of the toolbox for a sales representative and with a steep learning curve, the members of this sales team hit the roof! Workshop in Presentation Techniques for Panalpina Transportes Mundiales, S.A.


Abu Dhabi, 2014
This workshop was designed to be an integrated part of a Leadership Development Program for Daman – National Health Insurance Company. I was asked to connect the activities with the values of the organization and we had an intense day with reflections and team exercises…


Dubai, 2015
Happy audience smiles with the biz-group, such a dynamic bunch of professionals!  Had a blast delivering my talk about ‘The Unknown Messenger:  Our Voice’, really relevant topic for a room full of facilitators…


Dubai, 2016
It’s a special gift to be the door opener to the universe of Nonverbal Communication, this time for the students at Canadian University Dubai, so many interesting questions and curiosity in the air…


Berkeley, 2011
The NextNow Network is a potent group of people in Silicon Valley who share the vision of wishing to change the future, some of the most interesting people around are to be found among the members. I had the pleasure of sharing a morning talk about Vocal Awareness in our Collab space in Berkeley.


Dubai, 2014
Baraka Advisors organized this workshop in Unforgettable Presentations at The Impact HUB, Dubai. It was a delight to have such mixed nationalities and backgrounds in the room. Behind us on the wall, the barometer of comfort and brainstorm harvests…


Dubai, 2015
85% of all adults believe they cannot sing. As a vocal coach I know these sad statistics far too well and the truth is yes, you can – what’s missing is a favorable situation without judgment and a good instructor. Dubai Women’s Voices is an everyone-can-sing-choir and here we are, sharing our joy with the audience, we had an unforgettable night at the Centre for Musical Arts.


Dubai, 2015
Honoured to be invited as a guest speaker at GIARA’s 2nd Annual Conference for Internal Auditors with keynote about ‘Establishing Effective Client Relationships’, snapshot from my introduction on nonverbal signals, micro expressions and lie detection…

Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 2009
It’s all about getting through! From The Foundation for Business & University in Galicia, FEUGA during the workshop – Reaching out – Communication for Executives, integrating presentation techniques and body language with work life values…

Vigo, Spain, 2009
The Foundation for Business & University in Galicia, FEUGA, has as its mission to connect talent and knowledge of the academic sector with the marketplace. What better place to give the workshop Innovation From Within? Participants sparkling with innovative spirit…

Barcelona, 2013
As a Master student at the Department of Engineers of Informatics & Communication, it is crucial to be able to present your research at international conferences. It’s always a pleasure to return with Presentation Techniques to Universitat Autonoma Barcelona, UAB.

Barcelona, 2009
Vodafone in Spain decided to have a nationwide strategy to reintegrate collaboration and my part of it was a Team Building workshop. At this point, we’re launching into conflict resolution, we also worked with giving and receiving feedback and group dynamics.


Training session with Effective Influence Tools for the staff at GIARA, Group Internal Audit and Risk Assessment.  As an auditor, it is important to engage with the clients in a manner that stimulates collaboration during the auditing process.  Nonverbal Communication and Active Listening are good building blocks on the way of getting there…

Dubai, 2014
Morning session with the Dubai Organizational Change Management Network at an inspiring venue with the suitable name, the Change Initiative. I talked about Audience Awareness & Communication Objectives as part of change rollouts in organizations…

Barcelona, 2010
At the Postgraduate in Women’s Leadership at ESCI Business School of Universitat Pompeu Fabra, I was a faculty member with the course Vocal Recourses & Power. Some of the women arranged an extracurricular session after the completion of the program to reinforce the tools…

Dubai, 2014
Baraka Advisors organized my talk – the Contract Between the Speaker and the Audience – at The Impact HUB, Dubai. My intentions to make it interactive was effective indeed. We had so many questions and comments, the talk turned into a fascinating dialogue…

Dubai, 2014
My first workshop in Dubai at the Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel, Masterclass in Authentic Presentations with Strategic Solutions clients. We journeyed through nonverbal awareness, voice techniques, presentation practice and active listening, paving way for authenticity and learning joy…

Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 2009
From the workshop Reaching Out – Communication for Executives for The Foundation for Business & University in Galicia, FEUGA. As part of the presentation methodology, we explored the keystones of storytelling with the master himself, good old Shakespeare…

Ajman, UAE, 2014
This Deepened Collaboration workshop was designed to match the needs of the organization, such as better understanding, the ability to speak up and help to handle stress. It was an honor to introduce corporate training to the leadership team at PetroGulf Oil Manufacturing in Sharjah.

Silicon Valley, 2011
After my talk for the Silicon Valley Tech Forum Women at the Oracle campus in Santa Clara. It was a thrill to interact with such a diverse audience. The topic was Unforgettable Presentations and unforgettable it was indeed…

Elsinore, 2014
At the International People’s College, IPC in Denmark you have the whole world in the room. Inspiring to share the process of getting your message through with voices from different continents. Presentation Skills in Action and curiosity in the air…

Berkeley, 2014
Demonstrating the effects of the disconnected mind and body for the teenagers at SOAR for Youth, a Nonprofit for Foster Youth. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them since 2010 and together we have explored Personality Types, Networking, Visualization and more, love working with them!