Individual Sessions

Optimise Your Personal Impact

What you invest in yourself comes back manifold in results.

Why Individual Sessions?

Sometimes the best way to develop our professional profile is by having individual sessions with full focus on our personal needs and goals. This format allows for intimacy and deepening of the topics at hand. The result is often transformational.

How long does it take?

Most of my clients are ready to fly after three sessions. If you have high stake presentations coming, you might want to add more. The first intake call where we explore needs and goals is free of charge.

What kind of topics will we address?

We usually start out with a concrete situation or relationship and then we go from there, adding tools, awareness and exercises. Here’s some examples of topics from other clients:

  • Creating rapport with new clients and colleagues
  • Leveraging networking opportunities
  • Preparing and delivering keynotes, board presentations
  • Facilitating meetings/sessions – getting the team involved
  • Approaching ‘undiscussables’ and difficult conversations
  • Cultivating personal and professional flexibility and resilience


  • Gain presence, charisma and confidence
  • Get your message through to colleagues, employees, stakeholders and clients
  • Improve your negotiation and meeting skills
  • Learn methods and tools designed for your unique communication challenge
  • Find your own authentic communication style in action
  • Access the power of your connected full body voice

Communication Tool Kits

  • Vocal usage, awareness, effectiveness
  • Nonverbal Communication, Body Language
  • Presentation Techniques: preparation, structure, delivery
  • Audience awareness and strategic framing of messages

Usually 1-3 sessions

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