Effective Influence

Body Language & Active Listening

Hands-on methods and awareness that can be applied in everyday business situations. 

Suitable for professionals who wish to improve their ability to create rapport and influence others.

How is this training different from other body language sessions?

While it is common to simplify the field of body language into interpreting what certain gestures might mean, this approach misses out on the usefulness of nonverbal awareness. Drawing on the works of zoologist Desmond Morris and cutting-edge research about the gut brain from medical and business publications, this training provides consciousness about human behaviour on a mammal level, applicable in any business context.  

This Active Listening method was developed by Professor M. J. Capek at Stern School of Business, New York University and fine-tuned through various collaborations with Professor Capek himself. 


For your Participants
  • Enhanced charisma and confidence
  • Hands-on negotiation and meeting skills
  • Ability to adjust to different client needs
For your Organisation
  • Improved retention of loyal customers and clients
  • Reduced risk of conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Increased networks of clients and stakeholders
For your Clients
  • More efficient outcomes of meetings
  • Feeling heard, seen, attended to

Programme Content

  • Nonverbal communication theory
  • Connecting mind and gut brain
  • Distinguishing high and low status signals
  • Status signal practice with improvisations
  • Step by step Active Listening method
Duration: Body Language
1 session of 2 hours
Duration: Active Listening
1 session of 2 hours
Recommended class size
15- 20 participants

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