Likability in Business

When we do business, we do it through relationships. We select whom we want to engage with, and whom we come back to for more. The ability to make a real connection, and make the other person like you is a big part of your success or failure…

Published in the Entrepreneur, Middle East, November 2019 –

The Right Kind of Loud for Executives

Getting the Right Kind of Loud means knowing how to adjust to the person you are trying to reach, fine-tuning to the situation and the kind of influence you are looking for…

Published in CEO Middle East, May 2019 –

Listen to Understand

When it comes to the communication acts of listening and speaking, we tend to think that speaking is active while listening is passive. It is actually the other way around, speaking is simply thinking out loud, while listening is hard work, requiring us to stay attentive….

Published in Gulf News, February 2019 –

Using Your Voice as a Speaker

How can you deliver a presentation in a way that makes your audience take notice? For independent voice coach Kim A. Page, the answer is to train your voice to become more dynamic, elastic and connected with your “gut feelings”. In this article, she shares the steps to speak like a pro…

Published in the UAE newspaper, The National, October 2016 –

Corporate Choirs For Wellness

When it comes to corporate wellness, most people think of team-building games and sports as effective ways to encourage bonding and promote a healthy lifestyle. But there’s another activity catching on in the business world that ticks those all boxes – corporate choirs…

Published in the UAE newspaper, The National, October 2016 –

How to Handle Q&A

It is not uncommon to watch a good presenter plunge and suddenly lose credibility when their discourse is interrupted. When an audience member puts up his or her hand, you can feel a heightened attention in the air. Will the reply increase the relevancy of the topic and connect with the audience – or will it do the opposite?

Published in the UAE magazine, Entrepreneur Middle East, May 2016 –

Pitching Your Business With Impact

As a trainer who delivers presentation workshops as well as pitching sessions, I am sometimes asked, isn’t it really the same thing? An understandable comparison, of course, but pitching distinguishes itself by some specific criteria, just like a 100-meter sprint is different from a marathon, requiring a different preparation and practice…

Published in the UAE magazine, Executive Women, April 2016 –

Multitasking Takes its Toll on Focus

Information doesn’t have status any more because we keep Googling everything. The most important skill today is the capacity to tune in and ask ‘what does this person need to know and what is relevant to them?’ We want to feel like someone is listening to us. Kim gives Active Listening tips…

Published in the UAE newspaper, The National, February 2016 –

Five UAE Experts Share Their Tips

Five experts in the UAE provide insights on how you can become more productive throughout the day. Kim’s tips is something you can do in the car, while driving to work…

Published in the UAE newspaper, The National, January 2016 –

Learn the Art of Overtone Chanting

This interview introduces Overtone Chanting, one of Kim’s voice techniques. The journalist captured parts of Kim’s journey with her own voice, the background that eventually filled her toolbox as a vocal coach…

Published in the UAE newspaper, The National, June 2015 –

5 Guidelines for the Master Trainer

How do you distinguish between a good trainer and a great one? The trademark of the MasterTrainer is expanding what is possible, not an easy task…
With 18 years of experience as a workshop leader, Kim has gathered 5 guidelines that help you stay sharp and attuned as a trainer.

Published in TRAINING MAGAZINE Middle East, September 2014

The Unknown Messenger: Our Voice

The voice has a huge impact on how our message is perceived. Yet, as communicators, we are often unconscious of our inhibitions.
This article looks at how the voice is unique as a communication tool, containing an immense potential that is waiting to be unleashed when we start working with it…

Published in the Spanish newspaper Lanza & the webpage of engineering construction company Vertisub Group, August

Reflections from a Career Journey

In 2007 Kim was invited to be a guest speaker at an internship program, founded to inspire students to pursue their career dreams. She was asked to answer these questions:
How did you get to where you are today? What are the keys to your success? What advice would you give the students?

Talk delivered at Dream Careers, Global Internship Programs, Barcelona, July 2007 –

On Emotions and Public Speaking

Fear of public speaking is a widely spread phenomenon. How come it’s so scary?
This article provides an analysis of what happens when we’re standing in front of an audience, some useful examples of how to handle our emotions, and a specially designed preparation exercise to help you give your best…

Published by infonomia, the largest Spanish speaking innovation services company, May 2007 –

Innovation from Within

When living in Barcelona, Kim was asked to design an innovation workshop for one of the Master programs at ESADE.
This article introduces her approach, which involves shifting from the linear and analytical left-brain hemisphere into the simultaneous and holistic right-brain hemisphere, where the creative flow is generated.

Published in the Hospitality Syndicate, an organization for global hospitality & tourism, May