About Me

Hello, I’m Kim. I’m a proud entrepreneur, writer, trainer and coach.

My work is dedicated to helping you find your Right Kind of Loud, increasing your impact and influence.

Getting the Right Kind of Loud means knowing how to adjust to the person you are trying to reach, fine-tuning to the situation and the kind of influence you are looking for. To get there, we need to bring our whole self along, enabling us to connect with the people in the room, on stage, in meetings and boardrooms, in interviews and sales pitches.

I started out connecting with audiences as an artist. Along the way I discovered the thrill of helping others express themselves and so I became a trainer. Transitioning into the corporate world, the focus became helping my clients achieve their professional goals by increasing their personal power. As a vocal coach I have developed a methodology that helps people access the full potential of their voice as a communication tool and I’m an avid choir leader. Having been exposed to countless organizational challenges, I bring a strategic perspective into my sessions and I have an MA in Organization Development from California.


I’ve connected my way from Copenhagen to Barcelona, San Francisco, Dubai and London, expanding my comfort zone and toolbox while perfecting my Right Kind of Loud to give my best to the next client. I’m fluent in six languages and I recently published my first book, The Right Kind of Loud – Finding Your Communication Voice, with a collection of my methods.

I would love to help you find the Right Kind of Loud. Get in touch at +44 (0)757 032 3650 or kimapage@kimapage.com