Unforgettable Presentations

Stand Out, Get Noticed
& Be Remembered

Cut through the clutter and get the message through to your audience while expanding your comfort zone.

Suitable for professionals who wish to increase credibility and confidence while giving presentations.


For your Participants
  • Capacity to capture and maintain audience connection
  • Knowing how to deliver engaging presentations
  • Ability to sell ideas and influence people
For your Organisation
  • Staff members transformed to convincing ambassadors
  • Optimising meetings, networking and visibility
  • Increased sales success
For your Clients
  • Impactful presentations of offers
  • End of audience suffering

Programme Content

  • Presentation essentials – form & content awareness
  • Arranging key messages into storylines
  • Effective introductions – applied during workshop
  • Compelling conclusions – applied during workshop
  • Delivery and feedback of 3-4 presentations
1-2 sessions of in total 8 hours
Recommended class size
6-12 participants

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