What a gorgeous experience to have you for our Workshop. You are extremely engaged, very positive and INSPIRING. I so appreciate your flexibility and high energy level. All the participants loved your communicative and interactive style. They stated that you are an excellent facilitator and they want to see you again… Hope we will.

Specialist, Corporate & Leadership Development

Katja Perez

Leadership Development Workshop, National Health Insurance Company – Daman, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Kim conducted a two-day workshop for our Leadership Team to help us learn to innovate together. We have participated in other workshop as a team and the content of Kim’s took us to a whole new place that invigorated us. The workshop had three outcomes: it helped us identify how to collaborate creatively to find solutions, it fostered trust among Leadership Team members and it served as a reminder to each of us how important it is to plan space in our days for creative thought as opposed the usual focus of completing our daily list of tasks.

CEO, Give Something Back, Inc., Oakland, California

Sean Marx

Innovation From Within Workshop for the Leadership Team at GSB

Great workshop with useful tools! I so enjoy your energy and your body language, because you’re so expressive with your body language and that was very helpful to me, in addition to the workshop itself – to watch you in action, and how you were physically using yourself with other people, so you were showing us things about body language as well as teaching us how to interact.

Community Mediator

Harriet Whitman Lee

Body Language Workshop at SEEDS, Berkeley

It is people like you that have helped us over the years to look at ourselves from a different point of view. It has enabled us to grow personally and be more affective in our daily jobs.

Director Of Finance, Give Something Back, Oakland, California

Chris Emmons

Innovation From Within Workshop for the Leadership Team at GSB

Since the workshop I see life in a new perspective. It was very interesting and it has been useful indeed. Thank you for being so special. I remember the moments we achieved in our workshop with such tenderness. The only thing I can add is wishing for you to go on being uniquely you….

Commercial Consultant, Aproema, Association of Environmental Companies of Galicia

Matilde Perez

Innovation Workshop for FEUGA

Last night we had a star performance by Kim as the guest speaker at the American Society Thanksgiving Dinner. Kim’s facial expressions were so vivid it was like a real transformation. Not to mention the “queen” of body language as her arms naturally flowed throughout her speech. The audience was completely captivated – she had complete control and attention of everyone in the room. It was very emotional! Congratulations on a great performance!!!

ToastMasters, Barcelona – Managing Director, Laboratorio LCN

Belinda Alvarez

American Society, Barcelona

I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion and the class you led on Tuesday. The language you used to describe voice has empowered our class to engage in a deeper conversation about this intensely personal device. You have begun unpacking for me the deep connection between voice and nerves in a way I’ve never connected the two. Thank you so much for your excellent coaching!

Master of Public Policy, UC Berkeley

Danny Yost

Guest Lecture about Vocal Awareness, HAAS School of Business, UC Berkeley

I can’t remember when I started to have a conflict with my voice. As years passed, I realized that it had turned into a kind of rebellious resident, not accepting the orders from my mind. And so I started mistrusting it and when I felt betrayals coming, I kept it locked inside. One day Kim came into my world. “Shoes off, you need to feel the floor. Breathe and love the air that enters into your lungs: You are powerful.” By the end of the session, each one of us was singing a song by ourselves. My voice was flowing – powerful, beautiful, vibrating, truly mine. I’m understanding the depth of Kim’s teaching: Our voice is the reflection of our most authentic self. Kim guided us through the rediscovery using amazingly simple techniques, but of millennial wisdom in depth. This is a trait of true masters: making the difficult easy. And so is teaching the participants to love what they are learning. Thank you, Kim, for helping me to return to loving my voice.

Physician specializing in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge, Barcelona

Laura Gavaldá

The Voice as a Resource & Communication Tool, Postgraduate in Women’s Leadership ESCI, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

The first time I read the brochure about the innovation workshop, I thought it sounded stupid… I read the agenda and thought it would be ridiculous to see myself doing these physical exercises, as if it was a program for elderly people or a gymnastics course. I also reflected on my schedule and almost without noticing, I made a first, fast decision: it didn’t make sense to enroll.
And then I realized that I was falling into the same mistake that I’ve always criticized in others: filling our daily lives with things that in the long run aren’t the most important ones. I have also been very judgmental towards those who don’t consider new ways of doing things… and I decided to read the brochure again.
The background of the facilitator was really different from others that I had encountered in more regular workshops. And so, at this point I thought: How will I find a new approach if I only value workshops like the previous ones?
Eventually, I enrolled, without forgetting that I was running the risk of doing something ridiculous. And… the workshop was great.

Managing Director, Aguas de Monsariz

Javier R. Losada

Innovation Workshop for FEUGA, A Coruña, Spain

In todays world we get overloaded with (junk) information. The risk that our quality message is destroyed by all this noise before it even arrives at somebodies mind is very high. More than ever before bringing the message is as important as the content.
There are only a few people that can help you to bring a message across. How to communicate, to make you stand out: Kim. I owe a lot the things I learned from here. No doubt. Kim combines her skills with her international experience and as such her communications are truly multi cultural. More than an important topic in a globalized world.

Partner at Cohen & Simons

Peter J.M. Simons

The ABC of Evaluations, Barcelona Toastmasters Club, Prestigious Speakers

“… I have learned what to do when I come to a standstill – magnificent!…”

Creative Writing Workshop at Gladsaxe Institute for Social Educators

“… I have learned that it is incredibly freeing to write…”

Creative Writing Workshop at Gladsaxe Institute for Social Educators

I met Kim in summer 2010 when SOAR for Youth was under great pressure to find a substitute teacher after our contracted teacher canceled her engagement with us due to family emergency. Because Kim’s professional career had been mostly overseas, reference checks within the window we had were out of the question. Based on the quiet but extremely competent energy Kim projected I decided to act on my gut and hired her before our first meeting ended. Kim was great with the SOAR kids. Two minutes into her first session with them, the teens were relaxed, listening, having fun and willing to explore any new ideas with Kim. Kim is an effective presenter and informed trainer. She is resourceful and delivers what is promised and more. Yes, we have invited Kim to return and teach SOAR kids again and again since the summer of 2010 and we look forward to her participation and contribution in 2015.

President and Founder at SOAR for Youth, Berkeley

Diana Brown

Networking, Personality Types, Visualization – Summer Camp Sessions, SOAR for Youth

I would like to share what you brought back to my life with the choir. Your way of teaching, pushing us to the upper edge of our limits in a cute, cheerful entertaining way, often brought me to the very present moment where nothing existed but the music and what it conveyed. I found myself totally alive, open and happy. I enjoyed so much being there with all my being, with all the attention I have. Thank you for the gift of music you gave us!

MFT Intern, Marina Counseling Center, California

Jyoti Kalmar

Leading the CIIS Choir, San Francisco

I just want to say that it was AWESOME to attend your Creative Writing workshop. I think you’re a great facilitator, good at handling what comes up, good at listening and at creating a space for the very diverse personalities in our group.

Activity Coordinator, Idrætshuset, Copenhagen

Otto Moldrup Sørensen

Creative Writing, Forvandlingsvœrkstedet, Nonprofit for Mentally Challenged

The workshop was very energetic and enthusiastic. Kim is one of the best moderators/coaches I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Assistant Vice President, Sales, JLT Branch

Roger Massoud

Leadership Development Workshop, National Health Insurance Company – Daman, Abu Dhabi, UAE