Instant Impact

Pitching Done Right

Create your pitch from scratch, working on structure, delivery and presence. Hands-on practice with feedback

Suitable for professionals who need to pitch projects, ideas and offers to clients and stakeholders.


How is this training different from other pitching sessions?

Kim has trained pitching for start-ups in Silicon Valley and sales teams around the world.
With a Bachelor of Arts in Dramaturgy, the study of narrative structures and audience connection, she has drawn invaluable lessons from Aristotle to Shakespeare, sharpening her ability to help you get your message through.


For your Participants
  • Proficiency and ease when pitching offers
  • Form awareness – duration, structure, transitions
  • Pitching preparation toolbox
For your Organisation
  • Improved company image
  • Increased sales success
For your Clients
  • Satisfying presentations of offers
  • Deepened trust

Programme Content

  • capturing the attention of the listeners 
  • synthesizing – making the core message digestible
  • streamlining introductions and conclusions 
  • effective PowerPoint slides & visual aids 
  • developing credibility and charisma 
2 sessions of 3 hours
Recommended class size
6-12 participants

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