Team Building

Innovation in Action

Step out of your comfort zone while applying right brain skills and having fun.

Suitable for teambuilding retreats, taking the participants on a different kind of journey…


Why Innovation as teambuilding?

Fostering innovation in an organisation does not come about through hiring individual top performers, but through generating collaborative processes. As this is one of the conditions to innovate, what better way to design an innovation workshop, than as a teambuilding event..?

How is this innovation workshop different from other innovation training?

While writing her master’s thesis in Organisation Development about the effects of this innovation workshop, Kim had to read up on the latest publications about organizational innovation, gaining insights about how it is generated and stimulated.
This workshop ties in with both cutting-edge academic research and with writer Dan Pink’s ideas about the application of right-brain skills as the new imperative to stay ahead in today’s competitive markets.

How is this teambuilding different from other outdoor activities?

While it is a thrill for a team to be confronted with external physical challenges, this workshop takes the participants on an inner journey with other kinds of challenges such as listening, the ability to be present and personal and collaborative expression. Instead of going outside for the thrill of adrenaline and expansion of the comfort zone, this journey is an inner one, connecting with feelings and meaning. For a team that has gone through this workshop, the impact is long-lasting and deep, truly bonding and expansive.


For your Participants
  • Expanded comfort zones
  • Insights about the conditions to innovate
  • Seeing themselves and their colleagues from a different point of view
For your Organisation
  • Deepened trust & improved collaboration
  • Invigorated team with new buzz
  • Improved innovation with hands-on tools
For your Clients
  • Customised solutions
  • Big picture consciousness

Programme Content

  • Theory about the conditions to innovate
  • Right brain activities – applying Dan Pink’s 6 Senses: design, story, symphony, empathy, play, meaning
  • Group exercise, making a concept in 3 phases: creating – selecting – adjusting
  • Practice of group decision making and time management
  • Debrief with reflections about the innovative culture
  • Having fun while learning – one of the conditions to innovate!
2 sessions of 4 hours
Recommended class size
15-20 participants

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